At Jimenez Ranch Markets you’ll always find fresh baked bread. Whether you are looking for a bolillo/birote (french roll) for your torta (sandwich) or to simply enjoy with a cup of hot Chocolate Abuelita™ at their bakery you are guaranteed to always find freshly baked bread. They also offer cakes or desserts for all your special occasions.

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The kitchen is filled with authentic Mexican style dishes. The food is prepared and made every morning to ensure the freshness and taste. If you are looking to enjoy a homemade style meal stop by Jimenez Ranch Market. Having a Fiesta? they offer party platters with our authentic Mexican style dishes.

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Looking for freshness? At the produce department you’ll find only the most fresh produce. Jimenez Ranch Market do their best to select only the produce that look, feels and taste great. You can always find exotic fruit and vegetables from around Latin America. Always keep in mind that our freshness if our guarantee.



Jimenez Ranch Market is always pleased to give fresh, top cut meats and poultry all through our carniceria (meat) department. They offer just the freshest and most astounding quality items accessible for all our local clients. Our professionally butchers will welcome you with a smile and the unique cut you’re looking for.


Fish Market

Low prices and freeness is what makes Jimenez Ranch Market an excellent choice for all your seafood needs. Their huge selections of fishes, shrimp and other seafood makes them one of the top fish markets in your local area. They can also deep fry your seafood at no cost. Stop by and experience the difference in our fresh seafood.



Jimenez Ranch Market understands the importance of finding the best groceries at your local supermarket. The huge selection from Latin America makes them a great market to expand your palate’s horizon. Give your family what they deserve, only the best in foods!

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